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Dog’s Love This Bed

I bought a similar bed to this one in 2011 at Petco and my dog loved it, it still is an amazing bed just looks worn so i wanted something new to have out when i have company and both my dogs love this bed, one is a 40lb dog and doesn't even take up half of it the other is 80lb lab and spreads out over it. It is pretty high with all the stuffing so the smaller dog is a little slow at getting onto it but I have 5 other beds throughout the house and they both pick this one first.

Linda – Tampa, FL

Our Pup Loves It!

Bought this as a replacement for our old dog beds when the zippers gave out after a few years and our pup loves it. Comes vacuum sealed so it needs a few hours to fluff up after taking it out of the box. It has a super soft cover with lots of padding. The zipper seems to be sturdy and seems like it will hold up well though we have not washed the cover yet. We ordered the large size for our 50lb dog and she has plenty of room, the bed actually makes her look tiny when shes all curled up on it. The feature I liked most is that there are replacement covers for sale so in time we can get a new cover without having to replace the whole bed.

David – Helena, MT

My Dogs Love It!

I have a boxer and a chihuahua and the boxers large bed Finally needed retired so I was excited to find this on amazon because it has the waterproof liner, washable cover and seemed very comfortable for the dogs. My boxer LOVES her new bed, but it seems the chihuahua has discovered just how soft this bed is and has claimed it as his own! Looks like we will need a second one so they can both enjoy it (and so our big dog isn’t stuck sleeping on the little dogs bed)

Mike – Los Angeles, CA

Great Comfort and Quality at a Great Price!

We have two basset hounds and a basset hound mix who have all reviewed this bed and given it a BIG thumbs up. Even our arthritic old girl finds this bed charmingly comfortable. The humans in the household love the waterproof lining and the sturdy cover. We have gone through literally DOZENS of dog beds over the years and this brand is VERY high quality for the price. This is quite important to us because we wash our covers OFTEN due to the…um.......rather smelly nature of basset hounds.

Matt – San Antonio, TX