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Why Floppy Dawg?

Sleeping Dog


We all love our dogs and want them to be comfortable. Floppy Dawg beds contour to the shape of your dog, evenly distributing weight to alleviate pressure points that can be bothersome or even painful. This allows your dog to sleep more comfortably for longer periods of time as the getting up and down, tossing and turning is minimized.


Active dogs and even puppies will benefit from the Floppy Dawg bed as it helps prevent muscle and joint problems. Older dogs who have arthritis or hip dysplasia need the additional support of the muscles and joints. Floppy Dawg bed's even distribution of weight can even help with recovery from surgery.

Dog on a bed
Sleeping Dogs


The Floppy Dawg bed is made with a high-quality foam core and a machine-washable cover that can be easily removed making clean up of your dog bed a snap.

  • •Warmer Sherpa topper for cold winter nights
  • •Cooler Suede bottom for hot afternoons
  • •Eco-friendly recycled foam
  • •Waterproof liner