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Determine Where Your Dog Will Sleep

Where your dog will sleep is an important factor in your decision of what style and type of dog bed to purchase. If your dog is going to sleep in a dog kennel, then logically you would select a dog bed that perfectly fits the dimensions of the dog crate. However, if your dog is going to sleep on the floor in your living room or bedroom, then it is better to match the bed to the size of your dog.

If your dog is going to sleep on the couch, then you may consider a simple 2-inch thick dog mat (or dog pad) as a way to provide some additional comfort, but more importantly to protect your furniture. Options for outdoor dogs include a more heavy-duty bed that fits a doghouse, or innovative ideas like a dog cot with a mesh underside where you could put the right-size dog mat for colder nights. No matter where your dog will sleep, it’s important to pick the dog bed that will be most comfortable to them.