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Know Your Dog’s Weight and Measurements

Knowing your dog’s general weight and measurements is a logical first step. Not to say that a Dachshund wouldn’t love to get submerged in an XL dog bed or perhaps your 100 pound Labrador Retriever wouldn’t mind flopping over a more medium sized dog bed. But to determine what size is best, you should first observe how your dog sleeps. Do they curl up in a ball? Do they like to stretch out to the max? Is your pup more of a flopper with their head hanging over the bed or couch arm? All of these factors should influence your decision on what type of dog bed to buy in terms of size.

The most common size on the market is a large dog bed, measuring 42 inches by 28 inches by 4 inches. These perfectly match the dimensions of a 42 inch standard dog kennel. Extra large beds usually run about 48 inches by 30 inches and medium dog beds about 30 inches by 19 inches. Measure your dog from nose to outstretched legs or the tip of her tail, whichever extends furthest. Again, depending on how your dog sleeps, a dog bed that is equal to or greater than the fully stretched out pup is likely the safest bet.